Home Management

Regardless of who built your home, Nautilus can help keep it in the best possible shape for you and your family. Through over a decade of building, President Bill Payzant has learned the ins and outs of what a home goes through in the Lowcountry climate. Whether it is 99% humidity, 100 degree heat or Charleston’s famous storms, all can take a serious toll on your home which leads to more and more weekend chores to take up your time. Your best prevention for future problems is to conduct regular inspections and repairs on your home before there is an issue.

Our clients are both locals and those who enjoy Charleston as a second home location. Our locals understand the importance of maintaining your home to keep it a legacy home, not a temporary home but Nautilus can give you your weekends back, freeing up your time to enjoy Charleston and the reasons you live here.

Our out of town clients find a peace of mind knowing that despite the damaging storms or persistent critters their house is looked after week after week, knowing that when they come down for a vacation they will not find any unexpected troubles and will be able to use their time for pleasure—not chores.

Through this program, we take care of all the inspections and preventative maintenance tasks to ensure your home is maintained in the best condition possible. Each client has a completely customized plan varying from extensive care and maintenance to check in’s and reminders of maintenance that should be done in order to keep your home in the best possible condition.

Nautilus Home Management™ Goals:

*  To reduce the stresses associated with owning a home

*  Allow our customers to spend time enjoying life in the Lowcountry instead of worrying about the maintenance of their home

*  To maintain and enhance the investment value in our clients’ homes

Service available through Nautilus Home Management™:  Inspections and Preventative Maintenance

Planned, scheduled, implemented, and fully documented preventative maintenance plans
All aspects of the property can be covered in one of our programs… or only a few!
Maintenance is typically scheduled while you are out of town or at work so there is minimal disruption to your personal time at home

Home Watch Services – for second  homes and part-time residence
Regular inspections of the home while you are away

Arrival and departure services
Set up home before your arrival
Put away/clean up when you leave

Concierge Services
Stock the fridge, set up a tee-time, dinner reservations, fishing trips… we can help you make your stay more enjoyable!